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Fuera lo ñoño, dentro el rock - Azul turquesa y negro

This is the table setting Rock a Bye Baby Shower. The backdrop fabric, and the tableclothes are easily found almost anywhere! Check out my **Rock a Bye Baby Board** for a Printable version of the 'Rock a Bye' Onesie Banner! Rock a Bye baby shower.

Game #1 | We did something similar for Saleyna's & it was pretty fun. Only difference was people collected necklaces every time someone crossed their legs. Plus it would last the entire shower & get people talking. | use chalkboard in room & set at front table or entrance. Think we can also narrow it down to about 2 pins per person. Need a bucket to fill with pins (I have some in craft box but we'll need more)

(This is cute my friend Heather did this for her Bridal shower,so instead of "Baby" You do not say "Bride" Good times!) Dont say baby baby shower baby shower ideas baby shower images baby shower games baby shower game baby boy baby girl