One of my favorite spots!  Chapman’s Peak Drive, near Cape Town, South Africa (by Kampfkatze).

Chapman's Peak Drive, Western Cape Peninsula, south of Cape Town, South Africa by Guy Lerner

DRY WORS, a popular South African snack

And now for some DRY WORS, a popular South African snack, this one made of venison. Lexi Mills says it's one of the top 10 foods she and other South African expats miss

Sprinbokkies are a traditional drink made of layered peppermint liqueur and creamy Amarula.

Springbokkies are a traditional drink in South Africa made of layered peppermint liqueur and creamy Amarula.

Mosbolletjies--Traditional South African

Mosbolletjies--Traditional South African goody :) something I'll always associates with my grandma. She perfects them.

Charly's Bakery in Cape Town, South Africa

7 Cool Places to See in Cape Town

Charly's Bakery - the best cake and cupcakes in South Africa (the prettiest too). 461 5181 Open: Tuesday to Friday - Saturday: - Sunday and Monday: closed 38 Canterbury Street, Cape Town 8001

Blue Train South Africa -

Blue Train South Africa

Taste of Africa - Mrs H.S. Ball's Chutney

Ball's Chutney, this product goes with anything. Can't beat a wors roll with Mrs balls .

Jeffreys Bay

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