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a woman in a white wedding gown holding a red rose wearing a veil and standing next to a couch
İddiaaliyiz bütün güzeller bizde #kristalgelinlik #kristalinguzelgelinleri #tesetturgelinlik #tesetturduvak
a piece of paper with arabic writing on it
an arabic text that reads there are hearts that won't ever hate you, no matter how much you hurt them
But doesn't mean dislike very.strongly or will put up with every single thing.... there are limits, give and take
the words are written in different languages and have been changed to say it is love
‏ترهقني فكرة أني هُنا وأنت هُناك ،أنّ الناس تمرك وتتعداك ،وأنا أتمنى لثوانٍ الجلوس بجانبك والإمساك بيدك، ومراقبة تعابير وجهك وأنت تتحدث .
Pink, Open Shoulder, Shoulder Top, Open Shoulder Tops, Women's Top
an arabic text with the words i love you in two languages, and a sunflower