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Ziyanda Mlotana
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'the stars died ages ago, to keep the sky illuminated at night, and every time you look up at them, for you, they shine a little more bright' ☄🌟☄

Oh hi July! With fruit from the farm shop (I have a slight obsession with these flat peaches and yellow cherries) and freezer where we have a stash for smoothies, I forget how photogenic it is, last frozen berry appearance was January... Anyway here's to a good one, I have my fingers crossed that the sun will return soon ☀️

Wishing you a beautiful July First day of the financial year in Oz. What changes are you going to make to your business this FY? This stunning image via the

Yuki Matsueda

It seems all the good stuff come from Japan and that should not come as surprise anyone, they are just born this way, its genetic. This particular artist Yuki Matsueda has done something quite rema.