Camping Food ideas - prep before you go, suggestions for something other than hotdogs! :)

All kinds of good ideas about packing your food. Echoes of Laughter: 10 Great Camping Recipes & Tips To Get You Through Camping Season.

Coffee pudding

Coffee Pudding - I don& have Cafe Enrista but, I do have Maxim Korean Coffee and the products sound similar.

Mealie Bread (South African Corn Bread)

Mealie Corn Bread

Mealie Bread (South African Corn Bread) - steamed corn pudding that is super-moist with a rich flavorful taste; added with some basil and smoked paprika to level up the flavor in this popular African and Southern bread.

Resep | Jan Braai se stokbrood

The smokey bread on a stick is sure to be a hit with the kids! All South Africans start with a stokbrood – some like it sweet with golden syrup, others like it with salty butter.

Uit die Huisgenoot kombuis: Kaneelkluitjies

Kaneel Kluitjies Genoeg vir mense Bereiding: 15 minute Gaarmaaktyd: 25 minute KLUITJIES 250 ml k).

Mielie-soufflé | SARIE | Corn souffl

Jy hoef glad nie bang te wees om ’n soufflé te maak nie. As jy ’n witsous kan maak, kan jy ook dié soufflé maak