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There is a reward for kindness to every living thing. [Prophet Muhammad] Islam, animal rights, animal love, compassion

So true

This sign should read: "To eat fish or not to eat fish? What a stupid question!" Fish and grits is a staple in the south.

10 Easy Pieces: Modular Closet Systems, High to Low

Designed by architect Piero Lissoni, the Moduli a Giorno sets the standard for masculine sophistication; go to Porro for more information


Pray hardest when its hardest to pray? I dont think this means we should pray hardest when were in the most trouble. Most of us find it pretty easy to pray when we need God to get us out of a tight spot.

I love Islam. Who's with me?!

And seek help through patience and through the contact prayer. It is a difficult thing, but not so for the humble. (The Quran: A Monotheist Translation)