Ziona Lotz

Ziona Lotz

Giving up on trying to be perfect, truth is I need to make peace with my imperfections....
Ziona Lotz
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50+ Incredible Inspirational Quotes

Yes. I know it's hard but it really is a choice even when life stinks. But please try to choose happiness because the people who love you also want you to be happy.

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If you get set back then create a comeback that will make you stronger than you have ever been. And NEVER let that setback catch back up to you because you are much better than that and you deserve a better life than being set back again.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Ill always get up after I fall. And whether I run, walk or have to crawl, Ill set my goals and achieve them all. love this - Full Body Workout

Tree Arch, St John’s Church, Chester, England

Tree Arch, St John’s Church, Chester, England. Abandoned church in ruins.

Black and White depressed depression suicidal suicide eating disorder anxiety…

Black and White depressed depression suicidal suicide eating disorder anxiety hate help crying self harm self hate cut cutting stay strong cuts bathroom anorexia bulimia anorexic tears poem help me bipolar self injury self destruction bulimic bulmia long

one cannot exist w/o the other, embrace them equally

Embrace your light and dark side. Keeping a balance is key to happiness, never suppress either as both are equally important as one can not . Black and white reflect the image's contrast.

Always walking up a staircase in my dreams, and found a real life version. Spiral staircase at Chateau de la Source, abandoned castle in Luxemburg. By Jean-claude Berens