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a quote that reads i can't tell you how many times i've fallen asleep
10 Very Deep Quotes About Relationships
a black and white poster with the words it's 2am and i miss you just
284 Broken Heart Quotes About Breakup And Heartbroken Sayings
two yellow smiley faces with text that says, situation i don't want anything serious, lets just chill, go with the flow
Situationship: Being Obedient Wasn’t What I Wanted To Do
Has God ever told you to do something and you didn’t want to do it? Did you actually obey or did you do things your way? When you FINALLY obeyed, did you do exactly what he asked or did you p…
a black and white photo with the words i don't know what's killing me more talking to you or not talking to you
I want to talk to you so bad but if i do that, I can't stop loving you.
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32 Quotes About Love That Will Melt Your Heart
there's nothing worse than meeting the perfect person at the wrong time
two types of people who can't look at you in the eyes someone trying to hide all, and someone trying to hide a love
25 Interesting Eye Contact Quotes to Explain the Magic
25 Interesting Eye Contact Quotes to Explain the Magic - EnkiQuotes
a white wall with the words two souls don't find each other by simple accident
the quote you were my greatest hello, my saddest goodbye and the biggest what if i will question all of my life
a black and white photo with the words, there's always that one person that you've had feelings for since the moment you first net them
I love you beautiful girl, I hope you start to feel better soon!! Quit sneezing booger jizz all over your tank tops 1/15/17 Lol ;)