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Medicine for pet rats

Rat Tails - It is a good idea to keep your rat medicine cabinet stocked!

Mini ice sticks do swing furnishings, can be placed on the table as the decorations for people to enjoy, but also into the cage as a hamster mouse pet homemade toys, it is fun yo http://www.51feibao.com/ article-view-320.html

DIY little swing for hamsters and other small pets. Mini ice sticks are used to make swing furnishings. They can be placed on the table as decorations for people to enjoy, or put into a hamster cage as a toy for your hamster to play with.

Instructions on making this ladder, but OH what a perfect Fairy Bridge!!

So, many of us American hammy enthusiasts are members of UK hamster forums. And we are teased by their variety of hamster products that we cannot attain here in the states. On item I have wanted fo…

DIY Hedgehog Wheel

Silent Hedgehog or other small animal exercise bucket wheel DIY… we have one like this for our hedge but this will be nice for when it it need to be replaced :)

Pigloo/Bunkbed DIY, with edges sanded.

Pigloo/Bunkbed DIY, what a great budget bed and hideaway idea! My rats would love this.

Bildergebnis für guinea pig toys

What fruit and vegetables you should include in your Guinea Pig's diet - a guide by The Piggy Place plus this cool idea of a food kabob toy!

How to Use Cardboard Make Cat’s House

How to Use Cardboard to make a bunny house but wouldn't this make the perfect beehive for some pretend play!