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It sounds so lonely though. I am an introvert, but I get lonely sometimes when I have no one to share my dreams with. My ideas. Even if I don't do it anyways, it's nice to have the possibility of someone to talk to.

Nooo, but the ship! Your readers will be so mad!

Dawn of the Ancients by on @DeviantArt

A mother dragon lays her eggs under the mountain where she was born, along with all her sisters. If the mountain is not large enough she and her mate must dig a new cave. This is very dangerous because during the 600 years underground, the dragon eggs gro

I wanna watch a movie like this

Wish Upon a Star // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - this sounds funny but I ship them

Dragón blanco

White supreme were bankers and carried young assasins in numbers of to white dragons these control electronics of the kkk clans. The electronics carries voice regonition, heart rythme patterns, and brain wave signatures.

Czwarty stopień [KOMIKS]

Czwarty stopień [KOMIKS]

Funny pictures about People are awesome. Oh, and cool pics about People are awesome. Also, People are awesome.