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magnusandalexander: ““ Alec blinking twice before closing his eyes when Magnus kissed him requested by anonymous ” ”

I got: Alice! What Alice In Wonderland Character Are You?

Not only are you curious, rebellious and have a completely CRAZY imagination, you are also sweet and a very interesting person to hangout with. What Alice In Wonderland Character Are You?

I got: Seventh Year! What Hogwarts Year Level Are You?

I'm a Seventh Year according to this quiz. I should try out for Head Girl. Try the quiz to see what year you belong in!

how snape stays the same the whole way.

Harry Potter Hair Evolution – Jim watched each Harry Potter movie literally dozens of times, studying and dissecting each time. Never tired of them. I finally printed him out this Hairstyle Evolution "Crib Sheet" to help him keep them all straight.