Zelna Kleynhans

Zelna Kleynhans

Bloemfontein, South Africa
Zelna Kleynhans
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Funny Pictures of the Day

My friends were talking about cat drugs i mean catnip a couple of days ago

Attack Of The Funny Cats – 62 Pics I laughed out loud. Freaked my cat out. If you like cats....look at this.

Fat cat stuck between two trees. Fir department ummm yeah cats stuck BETWEEN the trees

my new thing ;)

Karma Instead of "Have a nice day" . I think I'll start saying "Have the day you deserve!" Ya know, let karma sort that shit out.

Heh. Not really me, but it makes me laugh. So good.

This is my motto at all times. You hate me so let me give you a good reason to. Then I can think back to it as part of good memories. ♦Miss Honey White♦


Sounds like how I go to sleep sometimes. Only kids count sheep to fall asleep. Count your debts, your mistakes, your heartache and cry yourself to sleep like a grownup!


I don't hate people.yeah I do. I fucking hate people