Horseshoe Jewlery Display | Great DIY project, thanks for sharing jenn!!! Love this idea!! I have been wondering about a way to organize my jewelry, so perfect for me decor, too.

Horseshoe jewelry hanger cute room decor country necklace horse shoe jewerly -- for Rachel

Amarula Ice Cream ~ Pomegranate Days

Amarula Ice Cream

Amarula chocolate koek

Amarula chocolate koek

Christmas recipe: Quick and easy chocolate and Amarula trifle.  Takes a Few Minutes to Make!

I love the tradition of trifle, but am not the hugest fan of the soggy swiss roll or jelly. To top it, I’m a chocolate fiend. This Christmas dessert combines all the best parts of trifle and adds an Amarula-doused chocolatey twist.

Amarula Cocktails | Cream Liqueurs | Amarula Coffees | Amarula Recipes...

One of the world’s most favourite cream liqueurs, Amarula Cream is made from the exotic Marula fruit that makes delicious Amarula cocktails.

Amarula Tiramisu - An Italian classic with an African twist!

Amarula Tiramisu - An Italian classic with an African twist. Amarula liqueur made from sugar, cream and the fruit from the African Marula tree.