Buttermilk rusks are always a winner, especially when dunked in tea or coffee! While South Africans around the world yearn for and enjoy the well known Ouma Rusks,there’s something a bit special about home made rusks. For those not in the know, rusks are kind of like biscotti, and a much loved South African treat. Thanks to... Read More »

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Romany Creams are a popular South African treat that are perfect for dunking in your coffee. Click here for the recipe

This is a classic South Africa dessert that is so easy to whip up and hardly warrants a recipe. Its something I just make without thinking.

South African lemon meringue pie. This is a classic South African favourite and differs from its North American counterpart because the filling calls for egg yolks, lemon juice and condensed milk; where theirs is what we would call “lemon curd”. Having tasted both, I have to say that ours is my best. (But they have pumpkin pie, which we don’t!)

Scones (serves 4-6) Ingredients: 2 cups sifted flour 1/2 tsp salt 4 tsp baking powder 2 tbsp margarine 3/4 cup milk Method: Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the wet ingredients. Put dough onto a lightly floured surface ...

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