southafricangirl88 withcurves

southafricangirl88 withcurves

southafricangirl88 withcurves
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::Young And Restless::: {Guest Post} Facial Recipe!

As We Grow: Naturally remove those pesky blackheads! 2 cups water, drops of lavender, handful of Basil, Baking Soda. Hold face over bowl and steam for 10 minutes. Make paste with baking soda and massage into skin. Wash off baking soda.

I love doing this on my hair! I can't wait until it gets longer so it can look like this! Bantu Knot Set <3

Create The Perfect Wave With Bantu Knots Bantu knot outs or Zulu Knot outs are a great way to add voluminous waves to your hair without applying heat to your hair. Bantu knots outs are phenomenal for natural, relaxed, locked, or women who are.


*My Favourite Coffee is an Espresso Macchiato" ~ The term “macchiato” means to “mark” or “stained” in Italian. An espresso shot is “marked” with a little steamed milk on top to cut the acidity of the espresso.