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a dog is laying on the floor with his head resting on it's paws
Big Words: Scruffy. More examples: He wore a scruffy old jacket that had clearly seen better days. The scruffy alley was littered with trash and overgrown weeds. Despite his scruffy appearance, he had a warm and friendly smile. The scruffy little bookstore was packed with rare and interesting finds.
Feign Quotes, Irma, Rahul, Tips, Unique, Beautiful Words In English, Facts
Feign meaning
to pretend that you have a particular feeling or that you are ill, tired, etc.
Advanced English Vocabulary | Vocords
an advertisement with the words idoms have a whale of a time
Pin by Suzanne Roy on words | English vocabulary words, Idioms, phrases, English phrases
a poster with the words nub and what do you think is the nub of the problem?
a woman with her hands on her head holding a laptop and coffee mug in front of her face
a man and woman sitting on a couch with the caption, big words deteriorate become worse
the cover to aria's album, meanino - gentle music brings arabic / muslim name
LAIRA ~ @theartofelegance
an image of the words anaza,'very beauty'on a pink background