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We should never see the cup as half empty. We deserve a cup full of God’s wrath. Even an empty cup would be more than we deserve. But God gives us a cup full of his blessings. Therefore, our cup is overflowing and never half in any way.

Coca Cola Cake- it's a southern tradition... This is the best cake!

Coca Cola Cake--a southern tradition ***My mom made this all the time in my childhood.she would make the Coca Cola Icing to go with it. A wonderful sheet cake recipe that's so moist, it could pass for a fudge brownie :)

DIY Spot Painting Wine Bottle - cut off the bottom and place over a Candle Impressions flameless candle to make this a stunning lantern

DIY Spot Painting Wine Bottle painting craft diy easy crafts diy ideas crafts diy crafts do it yourself easy diy craft decor diy decorations home crafts diy tutorials These are beautiful - kuddos to who's ever idea this was - gotta try!

When the weather gets cold and dry, my hands get so chapped that they crack! Though I try to wear gloves when possible, there are just some things you cannot do while wearing gloves! I have been using this Skin Repair Balm and it has protected my hands from the cold and softened them...Read More »

DIY Cracked Skin Repair Balm 4 tablespoons grated white beeswax or pellets 2 t. sweet almond oil 5 – 6 drops Myrrh essential oil (if you don’t have that one, you could use Lavender to soothe, but Myrrh is known for chapped skin relief)

Dried poppy pods have been increasingly more difficult to find...

POPPY PODS Dried poppy pods have been increasingly more difficult to find.

poppy skeleton

woman-taken-by-the-wind: moonlightrainbow: iamnot-thereforeithink: sweetpeapath: aunatural Remains of the summer Poppy seed head. by practicalowl (via iyoupapa)