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a diagram of the kidney and its functions
how to make a kidney model?
~FiRaHLiLO~: how to make a kidney model?
an image of the human body and its organs on a table with paper cut outs
What İs Biology?
What is biology in simple words? What are branches of biology? What is biology and its importance? Click on the photo to learn. 🔽🔽🔽 #human #biology #sience
a poster with the words, why are games good for learning? and an image of a brain
Why are games good for learning?
Just why are games good for learning? #education Do not go away from this idea thinking it is only for school up to primary years. All learning is always better when it is also fun to do! I just love this colorful picture of the brain!
the top learning styles for children to learn in their own language, including visual and physical skills
Learning Styles for Kids, 5 Steps to Discover the Best Types of Learning - Healthy Family and Me
What are learning styles and why do we need to pay attention to them? Is there value in using them to educate my child? And, how can I discover and develop my child’s learning styles? In this post, we answer all your learning style questions! Utilize this powerful approach to guide them to learning excellence.
a birthday cake that is on top of a piece of paper with scissors and other items
Homy Garden - My Home and Garden
edible cell out of jello / plant cell gelatin model / animal cell activity / jello plant cell project / non-edible animal cell model #EdibleAnimaCell #AnimaCellModel
the process of making a leaf shaped bowl
Do It Yourself Projects
Leaf bowls from air dry clay
the process of making pressed flowers is shown here
three leaf shaped dishes sitting on top of a wooden table
Clay Leaf Bowls
diy clay leaf bowls @ ali does it herself I think about doing projects with big leaves all the time. Love it!
these reindeer ornaments are made out of brown paper and twine with red nose noses
Rudolph Gift Tags - Easy Christmas Craft
These Rudolph Gift Tags are a fun and easy project to make your gift wrapping extra special!
an open box on top of a table with paper cut outs and trees in it
Cabrioles et Cacahuètes
1/5 Kindergarten made a 3D representation of the water cycle for Wonders of Water Day
a poster with pictures of different types of human organs and the words, free printable montessori inspired anatomy cards
Human Anatomy Freebies
FREE Printable Human Anatomy Cards
montessori human anatomy for kids free printables on the back of a refrigerator
Montessori Human Anatomy Activities with Free Printables - Natural Beach Living
Awesome Montessori Human Anatomy Activities with Free Printables, Great health and anatomy books for kids, an entire Human Anatomy Unit Study for Kids
the diagram shows how to use montessori 3 - part cards for children's body
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Free Montessori 3-part Cards of Internal Organs + Large Poster