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The Handburger Vengeance

Funny pictures about The Handburger Vengeance. Oh, and cool pics about The Handburger Vengeance. Also, The Handburger Vengeance photos.

That switched eye wink can kinda throw you a little without you actually realizing why.  "Is there... did something different just happen...?"

Hohooo I never noticed that. Maybe because I couldn't really see during the genocide run cause I was crying all the time. It's burning in hell, not rotting.

How incredibly STUPID is this twit? I don't know exactly what he did, but I can easily see that the vehicle was full of gas before he clicked his Bic. Look at the blue flames go from his seat forward.That's ignition of the gas already present, and given the amount, he could easily have killed everyone in the car. No high is worth lungs burnt by inhaling flaming gas fumes. This is evolution weeding out the dumb ones.- Huffing butane. Superficial 2nd degree burns.

when i listen to aaliyah in my car. pass the aux chord!

Pen by hPolawBear

Pen by hPolawBear Well. once my pen flew across the class and I just stood there. It literally flew across the class. Like, it barely missed the window. Today, I still refer to this pen as "the aviator".