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How to End Toddler Whining with One Simple Phrase

Stop whining a phrase parents often use, but it rarely works. I finally found a way to get toddlers to stop whining.

The Fat-Frying Kettlebell Workout from Hell

I call this workout Hell’s Bells because it’s your belly fat’s worst nightmare. It consists of two kettlebell movements: the swing and the suitcase carry. The swing will light up your metabolism and work your entire body from head to toe, while the carry

Parenting a toddler certainly has it’s ups and downs. It can be absolutely wonderful and amazing at times, and then downright exhausting and frustrating at other times. Once a child becomes a toddler they develop a mind of their own and want to figure out the world they’re living in, test boundaries, and essentially doContinue Reading...

Doubt can plague parents. Are you too strict? Too permissive? Do you know which things are important to set limits on? Or do you just choose your battles and let the small stuff slide? Where is the middle ground on limit setting?

21 Questions to Ask Your Kids. Great to gain insight on their perspective. Can ask questions about Mommy or Daddy. Might also be fun to save see how the answers change over time -- if did this be sure to put child's age the date.

21 Questions to ask your kids - You could ask these questions about Mommy and Daddy. Would be a cute thing to do each year (with each child, recording ages) maybe around mothers/fathers day to see how the kids (and parents) change and grow.