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Here his hair was a little close to getting wet and I was nervous but it all worked out OK. | 21 Times Harry Styles' Hair Shone Like God Herself In 2015

Harry is an angel sent from heaven above >>> yes thank you Jesus for the beautiful creation we call Harry Styles

Zayn Malik | @emrosefeld |

Okay, it's and it's his birthday todayyy❤ Happy Birthday Love😘 You're the best of best. I adore you to death Zayn Malik. You're the most hottest and sexiest of all. I love you so fucking much guy! I love you!

Here's All The Evidence That Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Could Be Dating

And this man will now surely kill me . And you know what is the best part.I would love to get killed by hiim😁😁😁