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30 Amazing Ways To Make Avocados Even Better Than They Already Are

When it comes the the Holy Grail of weekend gatherings, nothing can top the almighty brunch. It combines everything you could ask for in life, like bacon, alcohol and talking sh*t about other people with your besties. Plus, brunch is the perfect hang…

Easy Hijab Tutorial – Step by Step

The Basic Wrap This hijab is an essential style for the quick and easy wrap. It’s simple and possibly the easiest way to learn. Many converts should save this…it’s the go to way and is flattering on.


Ramadan did not even start, but many of us are already thinking about Eid. Eid is one of the most important Islamic celebration, and every Mu

If your body is in a chronic pH imbalance, it's susceptible to disease. Even though lemons seem acidic, they are extremely alkalizing and a great way to ensure your pH balance is where it should be especially if your diet is heavy in meat, cheese and/or alcohol.

Starting your day off with warm lemon water is thought to have a ton of health benefits - and it's been an Ayurvedic practice for a long time. Read on to learn about the health benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning.