I love this idea: very creative and telling of what& inside. I wish we had things to send out stuff like this for in jPubs.

Quilled Roses, Quilling, Paper Cake, Exploding Boxes, Handmade Wedding, Paper Crafts, Letter, Invitations

Severed Finger Invitation Host a one-of-a-kind monster bash this Halloween! We have ideas on how to make everything from invitations and decorations to creepy costumes and freaky food. To invite your guests to your Halloween bash

-- Someday when we do our fancy wedding anniversary party, this might be necessary. here's your Halloween wedding save the date!

A custom safari themed invitation for a private party. A cardboard elephant head was mounted to a Zebra wood base with an etched gold metal invitation plaque. Best Invitation Winner of the National 2013 BizBash Event Style Award

Brooklyn Limestone: Halloween Invitation Reveal: Come one, Come all. -- this one, to me, belongs in a more than one category: could be steampunk, could even be paper arts since it's an invitation

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