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there is a card with some flowers on the front and back of it that has been made to look like something out of clay
Смотрите это фото от @tasboyamahobi на Instagram • Отметки «Нравится»: 80
four different pictures of cats made out of clay
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colorful rocks with faces painted on them sitting in the grass next to pink and yellow flowers
40 Gorgeous DIY Stone, Rock, and Pebble Crafts To Beautify Your Life {With tutorial links}
Fall is my favorite time for outdoor DIY projects. It’s not too hot and there’s just something about landscaping against those beautiful fall colors that I really love. If that’s true for you, I’ve got a great collection crafts for you to try. Whether you like outdoor or indoor crafting during...
a frog with two rocks on it's back
Pebble art "Señor frog" by Denise Gray
three stones with faces are arranged in the shape of caterpillars and hearts
two pieces of wood that have been painted purple and blue with flowers on them, one is made out of driftwood
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a heart shaped slate hanging on the wall with rocks and shells in it's center
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Cornish Pebble Art Picture Family of Four Together Love
a metal flower with white petals on a green and brown background, mounted to a brick wall
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LIVRAISON GRATUITE ! Cela se fera à lordre. Fantastique morceau original rustique avec une simple fleur sur bois récupéré mesurant environ 15 x 3 Le bois récupéré est peint à l’acrylique et pulvérisé légèrement avec mastic pour lui donner un aspect brillant. Le côté arrière/arrière est également peint. Jai toujours aimé les demandes spéciales, et ce type de travail est merveilleux pour toute occasion, ou simplement une excellente idée-cadeau. Si vous avez des questions, sil vous plaît con...
the facebook page has been updated with an image of wooden flowers
Rock And Pebble Art To Make Your Living Space Come Alive - Bored Art
Rock And Pebble Art To Make Your Living Space Come Alive - Bored Art
three birds are painted on rocks with sticks and some twigs in front of the photo
a metal wall hanging on the side of a building with rocks and leaves growing out of it
a green frog sitting on top of a rock