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a bed sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Build Your Own Platform Beds | 17 DIY Platform Beds To Transform Your Home
Platform Bed with Storage and Baskets | 14 DIY Platform Beds to Upgrade Your Bedroom
an image of a bed frame with measurements
Build Your Own Platform Bed with Storage! (Oh Yeah)
Build Your Own Platform Bed with Storage! (Oh Yeah)
the bed is made up and ready for us to use it as an appliance
Border Storage Platform Bed
Border Storage Platform Bed
the diy platform bed frame is made out of wood and has been assembled to look like
Easy DIY Platform Bed
Easy DIY Platform Bed that anyone can build!
two different pictures of a bed with wooden headboard and foot board in the middle
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Make your bed ... literally! With our handy diagram, you'll have everything you need to build your own custom, reclaimed wood platform bed.
a bedroom with blue shutters and bedding in front of a window filled with books
10 Platform Beds That’ll Save You Money When Mattress Shopping
My latest obsession is low platform beds - definitely want one.
an empty bedroom with wood floors and white walls
Do or Don't: Low Beds (And a Brooklyn Update) | Cup of Jo
Large, low bed frame
a bed with two pillows on top of it and a wooden frame in the middle
Kobe Japanese Style Bed with Headboard | Natural Bed Company
Natural Bed Company - Kobe Contemporary Low Loft Bed - Made in Sheffield - Buy online.
a wooden bed frame with slats on the bottom, and one foot in the middle
European Cusom Floating Timber Bed Base
European Custom Floating Timber Bed Base