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Some of the best foods you will find is that from South Africa where the mix of cultures have produced a wonderful range of characteristic cuisine.
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Karringmelkbeskuit (buttermilk rusks) Buttermilk is a popular rusk flavour. It is quick and easy to make, because you can use self-raising flour.

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South Africa - Biltong, known elsewhere in the world as jerky. (Meat, seasoned and dried.


Boerewors - Traditional South African Sausage - always yummy on the braai.

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Biltong is one of the most delicate beef snacks available. It has been described as the prosciutto of South Africa. It can be bought for much less money, though.

Bunny Chow

Top 10: Uniquely South African Foods


Biltong is as South African as can be and we pay a fortune for our weekly biltong with the big match. Here is a simple biltong recipe which is really not c.


Welcome to South African cuisine - this sounds delicious and I cannot wait to try it out! Bredie/South African Lamb Stew Bredies are simple, traditional South African mutton stews in the Cape Malay.

Yskas Tert

Deliciously Decadent Desserts

This fridge tart is a South African classic. Easy to make, decadently delicious and great to serve at a barbecue.

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VEGAN Malva Pudding - South African Recipe (veganize it by swapping cream for non-dairy milk/coconut cream)

To Market, To Market with San Diego Foodstuff: South African Cuisine? Oh, Yes!

To Market, To Market with San Diego Foodstuff: South African Cuisine?

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It all started when I was missing the tastes and smells of South Africa. I had this idea of enjoying some sticky koeksisters - and s.

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VETKOEK 4 x 250 ml koekmeel 7 ml kitsgis 5 ml suiker 3 ml sout 600 ml lou water olie vir smeer en diep- of vlakbraai

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I could do with a good potjie right now-comfort food from home