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Some of the best foods you will find is that from South Africa where the mix of cultures have produced a wonderful range of characteristic cuisine.
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Boere Beskuit 750 ml melk 750 ml suiker 500 g botter of margarien 25 ml sout kg koekmeelblom 3 pakkies kitsgis 1 liter water 3 eiers,geklits Meng meelblom, kitsgis en sout saam. Kook me…


Boerewors is a traditional South African spiral shaped sausage that was originally created by Dutch settlers using available meat and spices. The name means ‘farmer’s sausage’ as it was often made by farmers from the animals they raised.

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Biltong is one of the most delicate beef snacks available. It has been described as the prosciutto of South Africa. It can be bought for much less money, though.

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Top 10: Uniquely South African Foods


South African Biltong Air dried meat (beef or venison) _A bit like jerky.


Savory Saturday - Lamb or Beef Bredie. Bredies are simple, traditional South African mutton/beef stews in the Cape Malay tradition. The most popular are green bean bredie, tomato bredie and cabbage bredie.

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Deliciously Decadent Desserts

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VEGAN Malva Pudding - South African Recipe (veganize it by swapping cream for non-dairy milk/coconut cream)

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