5 natural homemade beauty treats #Beauty #Homemade #SouthAfrica

Do you lack the confidence that clear skin brings? We believe that Eclipse Blemish Solution will help you regain that confidence again! At Global Care Essentials we.

20 savvy beauty tips #Beauty #Tips #SouthAfrica

You know that buying vegan beauty products is good for the animals because it doesn’t make use of any animal-derived ingredients. But what about the health of your skin? Can it be better for you that non-vegan products?

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If there’s one thing you do this season, update your look with these clever beauty tricks.

6 beauty tips to beat the heat #Beauty #Health #SouthAfrica

Here are 6 beauty tips to beat the heat this summer and look amazing.

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How to Remove Hair Dye from Skin. Always be careful treating the area around your eyes and consult a health care professional first if you have any doubts

Home hairstyling tips to make everyday a good hair day #Beauty #Hair #SouthAfrica

Every girl has remained unsatisfied with her hair since forever. She would cross the road, roam the mall and spy on every girl that passes her and will immediately feel a jolt of envy within her.

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