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Fish pie • This low-carb fish pie uses snoek for its great flavour, but you can use any other strong-flavoured fish.


Fish pie

Fish potjie • Jennifer Matthews from Johannesburg sent us this Fish Potjie recipe. “This recipe comes from an old magazine in the days when crayfish was readily available. Back then we made the potjie with crayfish and three to four types of fish.”

Fish potjie

Quick and easy fish tartlets • These tuna tartlets make a delicious pre-dinner treat.

Quick and easy fish tartlets

Fish breyani • A fragrantly spiced meal that’s big on flavour! You can subsitite the hake with any fish of your choice.

Fish breyani

Snoek carbonara • An easy yet elegant take on a classic pasta dish. The snoek adds a deliciously smoky flavour.

Snoek carbonara

Wholesome fish burgers • Fish fillets with a wholewheat breadcrumb coating served on buns with fresh salad and a tartar sauce made with yoghurt instead of mayonnaise. Mmmm.

Wholesome fish burgers

Crispy fish fingers • The lemon soft drink adds a touch of sweetness to the batter.

Crispy fish fingers