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• Beer potjie • Load shedding this weekend? Fire up this delicious beer potjie over the braai to fill hungry tummies, no electricity required.


Beer potjie

Short-cut mini tomato meatballs • This is one of those easy comfort foods to make after a long day.

Short-cut mini tomato meatballs

Banting meatballs with cauliflower mash • A delicious weekday supper with a mustard and bacon sauce that’s perfect with the mash.

Banting meatballs with cauliflower mash

Tikka beef burgers • Add a little curry kick to your hamburgers for a departure from the ordinary.

Tikka beef burgers

Roasted butternut with beef • This is a great economical and “lazy” meal to prepare; just chop and roast until tender.

Roasted butternut with beef

Spiced beef skewers If you're looking for a light meal for you and your family tonight, this quick and easy dish is just the thing to serve.

Spiced beef skewers