York Van der Merwe

York Van der Merwe

York Van der Merwe
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CT Fletcher's MASSterPlan Project

- Funding for “The MASSterplan” Film Project - Small Business Set-up (software & office equipment) - Funding for Website, App, & Merchandise Development

@Gabriella Denizot Denizot Denizot Denizot Robertson This is just why I fall. I feel the floor is sad an needs a hug.

All floors need a hug. If you are reading this, drop on the floor and give it a hug.

I made this, a canvas print, for a birthday gift to someone very special, with a home gym. It's nothing great, but it's directly inspired by DLB and FLAG NOR FAIL, as well as the graphitti style art of Meyroflex gym in Texas. How can one not be inspired by these words!?

Oh don't you worry I will! I've already amazed everyone with how hard I've pushed to recover so fast

She thinks she is on the bike - http://funnyout.com/she-thinks-she-is-on-the-bike/

Safety First: It's better to be safe than sorry. Always wear a helmet when riding your bike. Even when it's just a stationary bike.

Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images. Videos of Really Very Cute animals.

Just got to the gym, left my headphones funny gym fitness meme workout exercise workout quotes exercise quotes fitspiration

HAHAHAHA!!! Looks like a kid who gets hit when we play ultimate frisbee at church!!!

Dogs: This dog needs more frisbee playing time. Otherwise his face will get hit by frisbee all the time. This dog sucks at playing frisbee!