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an oven door is open with a bottle of cleaner on the inside and in front
This DIY Oven Cleaner Is Much Better Than Store-Bought - And You Already Have All The Ingredients
homemade oven cleaner
the best nontoxic do it yourself floor cleaner
The Best Homemade Floor Cleaner
The best homemade tile and laminate floor cleaner. Made with ingredients you probably already have on hand.
two bottles of honey bubble bath sitting on top of a wooden table next to a towel
Homemade Bubble Bath
Homemade Honey Bubble Bath. Great gift idea! Find the recipe at
white rice in a bowl next to two boxes of dove water and a glass of water
One Good Thing by Jillee: Making Homemaking Simple and Enjoyable
Make Your Own Body WashOne Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee
two ingredients for homemade toner sitting on a plate next to a bowl with cotton
Homemade Toner Recipe using Apple Cider Vinegar!
Apple cider vinegar has a ton of uses, and one of them is an amazing facial toner! Just two ingredients combine to make a very inexpensive and effective facial toner that balances the pH of your skin while removing dead skin cells.
a piece of pie on a plate with a fork
How to Make Vinegar Pie
Old-Fashioned Vinegar Pies (for pennies!)
a soap dispenser next to a bar of soap on a brown cloth
Making Liquid Soap - Turn a Bar of Soap into Liquid Soap
an image of apple pie bites being made
Apple Pie Bites
EASY Apple Pie Bites made with crescent rolls... these taste better than apple pie!
the ingredients are being prepared in the crockpot to make this dish look like they have been cooked
Crockpot "Refried" Beans ($0.19 per cup)
Crockpot Refried Beans using dry bagged pinto beans. No pre-soaking necessary. So easy, so healthy, so frugal, and delicious! Costs almost 75% less than buying the canned refried beans. Non-fat, lower-sodium.
a bottle of water and a plastic bottle on a table
No More Shampoo?!?!?!
No More Shampoo!? Baking Soda Wash & Vinegar Rinse. already doing oil-cleansing for my face, might as well try this.
a bottle filled with honey shampoo sitting on top of a table next to a brick wall
DIY Honey Shampoo
DIY Honey Shampoo- for more beauty, makeup, and nail art ideas and tips, got to
how to make natural homemade shampoo that smells great for all hair types and uses
How to Make Natural Homemade Shampoo
This homemade shampoo is all natural and has four ingredients (or less depending on hair type) that cleans hair naturally without stripping natural oils.