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an image of someones face with the caption that reads, there must be paragraph break every time
Actually this is helpful. I have a story I've been writing, but the writing isn't very good, I wrote it so long ago. So I've been looking for writing advice like this so I can re-write it. (its on a site called Quotev, "Silverflight's Prophecy. Its a Warrior Cats story if anyone wants to see it)
an image of a painting in the dark
#1 bestselling poetry collection - the moon
an open book with the words and in my dreams i will always find my way back to you
A beautiful poem written by David Jones | Pretty quotes, Quote aesthetic, True quotes
a white piece of paper with the words i'll keep one blank page in case you come back
[I] Relationshit :: Lee Jeno✔
a white wall with a quote on it that says now i have to remember you for longer than i have known you
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