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Elevator trick-- who knew!?

Elevator trick-- cuz I use elevators so much. Press the "close door" button and hold while pressing the button for the floor you want. Hold them both down till elevator starts moving. It will go right to your floor without stopping for anything else.

These 10 Cleaning Hacks that every girl should know are THE BEST! Im so glad I found this AWESOME POST! Ive already gotten a stain out of my favorite dress that I NEVER thought would come out! So happy I found this!

Best ideas: bring a power strip to the airport and make iPhone shortcuts for your email addresses. Good to know: how to open wine and chip bags. (The tape case is pretty cute, too.)

Funny pictures about Better ways to complete everyday tasks. Oh, and cool pics about Better ways to complete everyday tasks. Also, Better ways to complete everyday tasks.

Things I'd Like My Daughter To Know

14 things I want my daughter to know, most of these are good. Love my girls ❤

15 Truly Inspiring Pallet Sofa Projects - Cupcakepedia

Outdoor Furniture using Pallets home outdoors decorate patio diy deck projects pallet outdoor furniture. Love this. But I'd definitely choose a different color scheme.

VINTAGE WOOD SIGN - Old Wood Sign - Primitive wood sign - Typography Sign. $44.99, via Etsy.

Very cool vintage look but, the bible quote clearly states what love is. Anything else isn't love and won't last. by Ideas for Anna

10 easy games that kids will love in Sunday school!

10 easy games that kids will love in Sunday. Look moimi mówiono know miniony. It tam o. H hubby um na na pewno na mop mi.