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Animétro - Wilde Tiere nehmen die U-Bahn

Photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil have captured what it would be like if animals took the Paris Metro. Rebotier and Subtil.

diy cork birdhouse

I love wine cork projects. Stop hiding your surplus of wine corks! Just a couple more bottles of wine and I'll have enough corks to finish my project.

Ron Weasley's tea cup. I wants. o-o

It’s Time for a Cuppa Tea. It’s time for a cuppa tea indeed – my favourite drink, my sustenance throughout the day. I reckon I consume at least at least 8 cups a day including English breakfast, green tea and black iced tea – straight no sugar please!

Handmade Talks: Garden ideas for small spaces - Terrariums

wine cork plant holder (magnet on back.for the fridge) prettypetal wine cork plant holder (magnet on back.for the fridge) wine cork plant holder (magnet on back.for the fridge)

Rolling Pallet Table

Rolling Pallet Table is a craft tutorial that shows how to use a pallet to make a coffee table with wheels and a glass top.

Amazing Paper Sculptures | Funnilogy

Allen and Patty Eckman create detailed cast paper sculptures inspired by Native American culture, using a special technique they themselves invented. Allen Eckman took an interest in art and design.