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a person holding up a card with flowers and plants on it
Large 11x17 Flower Poster Print
11x17 3 color print in blue, fluorescent pink and yellow. A sweet little combination of totally made up flowers!
a piece of paper with an abstract design on it in blue, pink and yellow
Funky Fruit Risograph Print A3 - Etsy UK
a jar filled with lots of colorful flowers and green leaves on top of a white surface
Premium Jiaogulan Loose Leaf Tea (100% Gynostemma)
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes on it's surface, including dots
Laura Jane Atelier | Vintage Fashion Blogger | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs
an abstract painting with multicolored lines on a gray background, framed in a grey wall
Patterned Risograph Prints
an abstract painting with pink and yellow stripes
Juxtapoz Magazine - Sigrid Calon's Embroidery-Inspired Designs
a person holding up a piece of art that has been drawn on paper with different colors
a card with a pink and yellow milk carton on top of it that says, creamy sweet for you
SALE / Milk Machine / Risograph Print / Poster | Etsy
a pink and yellow poster with the words jov on it
Risograph Print | Love is the best medicine — Just Cool Design
a piece of fruit on a pink background
Shop Homewares - Trouva
four different colored posters with the names of cities and towns on them, all in bright colors
Yve Print Co. Risograph Typography Travel Destination Map Print
two pieces of paper with pink and green designs on them, one in the shape of a rectangle
Tracking the Rise of Risograph Printing with Glasgow’s Risotto Studio