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Coaching Wheel for Goal Setting

Ok, I will admit it I’m one of those people…. You know the ones that set up crazy goals with sub-goals and then structures out their whole calendar year with baby goals to achieve those…

Time Teacher Wall Clock (one of The Independent's Back to School 'Best Buys') - Clocks - Bedding & Room Accessories

Learning to tell the time takes, well, a bit of time. So give your children a head start with this time teaching wall clock

Neat wall clock for teaching time with the different hands....maybe this would help us!

Teaching Hands Clock, wall clock takes the guess work out of telling time by highlighting both the correct hour and minute numerals. Help students learn to tell time quickly.

Many parents are looking for a teaching clock that looks much like a normal analogue clock and also efficiently helps their children master telling the time. The EasyRead Time Teacher Clock fulfils both these needs with its unique EasyRead dial and 3 step teaching system. This beautiful clock is designed to be continually appealing to children as they progress through the primary school years. The colours used help the clock blend with any décor and appeal to both boys and girls.

Teaching Clocks - EasyRead Time Teacher Childrens Wall Clock with simple 3 Step Teaching System 12 dia learn to tell the time ages 512 -- Check out the image by visiting the link.