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So true!

People look at me like I am actually crazy so I have to go up to them and tell them that I just came forms recital or competition so that they don't think thy I just wear the makeup out and about

so true...even with not dancing for a while!

Thanks to dance - this ones my fav! Definitely SO true! This is usually done in my car while driving.hand and body movements are usually involved as well.I always do this !

This so true. I can perform in front of big crowds with no problem but have me give a speech in front of a small group of people & I will be ready to pass out. This is so true

Little dance things Marking routines while sitting in your desk during class, with your hand and fingers.

So true!!!

I like it even more when I kick my face and then bc of my hyperextended legs, my foot continues forward above my head. Oh it makes me so happy :D Kick in the Head Tee :

dancing around the kitchen while waiting or your food to finish cooking