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African Wedding Inspiration from Zoom Photography + Mary Kinney

California African Wedding Inspiration Zoom Photography Sister | Brother Style The Big Bang Event Design Gemstone Engagement Ring Photo Shoot Bold Color Palette

Xhosa Bride - Gauteng, South Africa by South African Tourism,

Xhosa Bride, Lesedi Cultural Village, Gauteng, South Africa

Xhosa Bride, Lesedi Cultural Village in South Africa

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Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses

Source( Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses Biography A few months ago I was aked by a customer to make her two pairs of wedding shoes. The one pair she would wear with her white dress on her wedding day and the other pair she would wear with her traditional Xhosa dress for the traditional Xhosa wedding ceremony. I made her these red shwe-shwe brogue style ballet flats(above). I think they came out beautiful! The second pair is the Bimbow bride in soft nappa leather and a silk…

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South African Wedding #genarations

couple in beautiful traditional Zulu outfits

‘Generations’ & a Crash Course in (South) African Wedding Culture | Sapelle Blog

I must confess, on the odd occasion when I sit down in front of the TV, it’s not to catch up on my favourite soap opera (unless you count Downton Abbey, as some people dare to do). The over-complicated love lives, hyper-drama, and one-dimensional characters just don’t do it for me anymore, and all the dramatics give me stress, which defeats the purpose of relaxing in front of the television. For me, the final straw with soaps came when Grant Mitchell slept with his mother-in-law. And I…

South African Wedding #genarations

South African Wedding #genarations