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The macro foto of this little guy is amazing. You can see all the details and the colors of his eyes fits really well with the green blurred background.~ I want a macro lens

Wasp moth----this is a beautiful insect....(i can't believe i just said that)

The scarlet-bodied wasp moth, is a beautiful insect native to Florida. Its striking adult coloration, including a bright red thorax and abdomen, and transparent wings patterned with black, make this moth immediately stand out in Florida landscapes

(via THE HOBBIT Smaug and Bilbo by *yinyuming on deviantART)

Because i love the part in the movie where Bilbo is chillin' with Smaug. THE HOBBIT Smaug and Bilbo by *yinyuming 〖 The Hobbit Smaug Bilbo Baggins 〗


Baby racoons will do this when they are happy and feel like they are protected and safe. I've had several litters of baby racoons and they would always purr when they were curled up in a warm spot, nursing or when we'd pet them.


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