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an advertisement for forks and spoons with the caption that reads, multipurve fork this would be adorable for the spoon in your sink
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Dieses Stück bietet einen Ort zum Brille aufsetzen und hilft zu verfolgen sie. Es passt alle Größen von Gläsern, und ermöglicht Ihnen freuen, um sie an der richtigen Stelle abgesetzt.
an image of a car with parts labeled in the following words and numbers on it
How to Build a Go-Kart: Instructions and Photos
Learn how to build you own go-kart. Here, the whole process is broken down into four parts, each with a step-by-step guide.
several metal fish on top of a piece of wood with holes in the bottom and sides
By Dennis Hall. Old 10" saw blade, metal discolored from the annealing process. Blades ready to harden.
a close up of a car tire with a pair of scissors on it
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Easy Lift Trailer Jack $30 Mais
four different views of food being cooked on the grill and in the oven, from top to bottom
BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill
BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill
an outdoor grill with donuts cooking on it
I must built eeeeetttttt!
an image of a diagram of a space station with parts labeled in the text below
Build Your Own Big Baby Backyard BBQ Smoker
DIY Smoker Design
a black stove sitting on top of a cement floor next to a brick wall in front of a building
Fire Pits for sale | eBay
7 kg gas bottle chiminea / garden chiminea / gas bottle wood burner / log burner
a large metal object sitting on top of green grass
This is R2D2 log burner made by my husband He makes them for sale and can do almost any design...see his minions
four black outdoor mailboxes sitting on top of some rocks in front of a house
Fire Pits for sale | eBay
gas bottle log burner log burner garden heater
Truck heater / backyard fire Metal Welding, Welding Crafts, Cubby Houses, Welding Art Projects, Automotive Decor, Fire Pit Designs, Diy Fire Pit
Truck heater / backyard fire
a table made out of metal and wood in the shape of a boat with logs sticking out of it
40 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas — RenoGuide - Australian Renovation Ideas and Inspiration
RenoGuide Backyard Fire Pit
some kind of metal thing with eyes on it's head and legs, sitting in the grass
Architectural Landscape Design