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How would I have learnt people do not die from wounds caused by other people.

We learn from every encounter with people and this lesson is one of the best, we survive what we walk away from

Hope you can handle the pain. _-Rupi Kaur

It most hurt to know you had someone that genuinely cared about you & you let them go. -(via zorarose)

rupikaur Words we wish we would hear from our father

"Women like you drown oceans" rupikaur: “ strength - rupi kaur ”

For years.

(illustration inspired by art piece hung at a doctors office.

I fake a smile everyday ...

Pale lips Pale skin Trouble with the knife Deep cuts Deep pain Trying to take my heart away Heart broke Glass choked Suicide is gonna change Train tracks Trafic lights Business in the midst Hard life Rough times. - tune of "the a team"