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Droëwors is a South African snack food, based on the traditional, coriander-seed spiced boerewors sausage.

biltong box

How to make a biltong box for making your own biltong or dry wors at home. Buying a dehydrator. Using your oven to make biltong at home.

How to make biltiong at home, easy recipe | Biltong Blog

make your own biltong at home in a biltong box or dehydrator for South Africans living overseas

biltong recipe- so you don't have to order it from South Africa like Willie Robertson does!

Make your own biltong- Great easy recipe

Biltong is as South African as can be and we pay a fortune for our weekly biltong with the big match. Here is a simple biltong recipe which is really not c.


South African cuisine - a delicious Biltong Potjie for the Monthly Mingle at What's For Lunch, Honey?

biltong in box

For every Saffa in London, the one thing you miss from back home is biltong. Now if you live in Wi.

BILTONG RECIPE! can't believe i found this after i bought my mom's gift already..

South African Biltong - Biltong is South Africa’s version of beef jerky. Biltong is thicker than jerky and is cured using vinegar and salt before being dried over a few days. - just got a box to start making it!

Biltong Cutter | DIY | The Home Channel

Material List: Material list Power tools hard wood (any kind is ok) PSR VLI cordless drill x - 1

My husband made our biltong box and has adapted what he did into this step by step guide for building your own biltong box....

How to Make a Biltong Box

If you have your own biltong box, you can make your own biltong! This article is a step by step guide to making your own biltong box.