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this is so true... I never loved a women like her , and I don't believe I will find another to replace what I feel for her ......

Picture is stupid but quote is so true You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear - Oscar Wilde

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I miss you Scootie you made your momma happy sorry I didn't show it as much as I should've

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I cannot unlove You. I cannot forget the way your voice sounded, I cannot forget the way your lips felt, I cannot forget the way You looked . I cannot forget the way You made everything okay, I cannot unlove You and it is killing me.

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I do this alot. Except for the crying part. Crying means your overwhelmed by feelings. Feeling is a weakness. I will not be weak.

The way I behave sometimes is very childish. I'll admit that. Actually I'd pretty much say anything because of how much I'm in love with you. I fuck up.... I get things wrong... But trust me when I say I've never loved anyone like i love you.

I wish i knew :( my heart aches worse than ever before. Your greatest person an thing to ever walk into my life!

❤️ I am not broken or depressed or sad or bored. I am happily single. I have enough going on in my life already. I want you in my life because I want you in it. You.

My heart is with you baby! I love you so much and miss you really bad! Good night and sweet dreams princess! Sweet kisses on your pillow baby! Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow!