Here's What A Constantly Plugged-In Life Is Doing To Kids' Bodies

The Scary Truth About What Technology Is Really Doing To Kids

Is knowing just how much time you spend on your phone, thanks to apps that track your usage, enough to curb your addiction?

'You've Been on Your Phone for 160 Minutes Today'

There are now apps that can track smartphone usage.and you may be unpleasantly surprised at what you learn.

If you aren't absolutely blown away by just clicking and looking at this picture, then I don't know what to tell you. It's absolutely crazy how smart phones can hurt oneself.

LOOK: How Your Smartphone Is Harming Your Health

Social Media has a significant amount of users to be insecure, self-obssesed, and disconnected from the real world.

How Social Media Addicts Are Similar To Psychopaths [Infographic]

Educational infographic & Data Is social media making us more like psychopaths? Image Description Is social media making us more like psychopaths?

Every wonder why sometimes you can't fall asleep at night? Well, if you answered yes, do you check your phone often before bed time? This article/video was very revealing as to why checking your phone tells your brain to stay awake before bed time.

This is what happens to your brain and body when you check your phone before bed

Literally can't go on a plane without getting on the internet. Technology is becoming so overused in our nation that its sickening.

Wi-Fi is everywhere these days and has become a common part of our daily life. Read here about the wi-fi health dangers and what to do about it.

This article explains how the excessive use of Facebook can lead to serious depression syndromes. Does Facebook cause depression? The answer is no. But, spending hours on end comparing yourself to other people can ultimately lead to depressing thoughts. Very interesting.

This is What Facebook is Doing to Your Mood

Online shaming is a trend that has not only gone viral, it& became so normal that many are immune to digital cruelty and attacks. What& not normal is .

In my opinion, there is no way one can justify the use of cell phones in school as beneficial. They are quite possibly the most distractive items in our society, so keep them out of schools!

The Positive and Negative Sides of Using Cell Phones for Teaching and Instruction in the Classroom

Teachers: Making Difficult Phone Calls to Parents (How to Call Parents, with a Script!

The Webb School in Knoxville, TN has started the requirement of iPads in the classroom starting in the 4th Grade. I'm sorry, but I came from a private school with all laptops in class, and I speak for a lot of my classmates when I say that I was very easily distracted when I had a laptop in front of my face in class. Now how in the world do you expect 4th graders to stay focused?

Why iPads Aren't Ready For Classrooms... Yet

"School Teacher" (Happy Birthday Miss Jones, Teachers Surprise) . by Norman Rockwell - Saturday Evening Post - March 1956

This article describes how relying on technology is changing us as humans probably more for the bad than for the good. Technology advancement is a good thing, but sometimes it can hurt us socially.

Is technology making us less human?

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