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The Natural Creative Process in Writing


Russell de la Porte will be interviewed on Fine Music Radio on Friday, 4 April, at 13:00 about the forthcoming 'Natural Creative Process in Writing and Life Course' to be held at Alive Café and Creative Experience Hub, in Muizenberg, Western Cape. You can listen to the interview online at FMR's website, by selecting 'Listen Live' from the station's home page,, or you could go there directly by following the link for the latest media release at WriteArt's 'News & Notices' page.

The Natural Creative Process in Writing and Life - all of us participate in natural creative processes in all areas of our lives, including the natural creative processes involved in writing. Many of us do this unconsciously. But with an awareness of how the natural creative process works and with the necessary tools for supporting and guiding yourself in the process, all of your projects, including your writing projects, will unfold and develop with greater ease and success.


Real Community. Planning the Muizenberg Festival 2014.