African chicken curry

Spicy African chicken stew

African chicken curry recipe voted best recipe by Food June 2013 minus the chickennn

South African Cape Brandy Pudding/Tipsy Tart

Cape brandy pudding (tipsy tart)

South African Cape Brandy Pudding/Tipsy Tart ♥ I'd use maize meal instead of the plain flour to make it GF (PB) I

Efo ( Spinach Stew)

Nigerian Efo Stew (Spinach Stew) Recipe

Scrumptious South Africa: Chakalaka Soup with Little Boerewors Balls #Food

Chakalaka is a highly spiced African vegetable relish usually eaten cold as an accompaniment to braaied meat, but here I’ve transformed it into a chunky soup brimming with punchy flavours.

Bunny Chow, a South African street food

South African Bunny Chow – vegetarian version with Chickpeas. A friend of mine and my husband introduced me to this. He's had it when he's been in South Africa.

Boerewors and Onion Quiche: try this delicious flan using South Africa's favourite sausage.

A delicious quiche made with onion, cheese and South Africa& favourite sausage ‐ boerewors!

Bobotie: South African food

The South African food scene offers a fascinating variety of delicious dishes. Join us on an exciting South Africa food safari.

#boerewors #braai #heritageday #southafrica

How about Boerewor's rolls for dinner tonight, stop off at Bartelsfontein Vleis Sentrum for the very best grade meat.

Irio, Traditional Kenyan Food

Irio or mukimo. In the Kenyan tribal language of Kikuyu, irio just means food. But it usually refers to a simple, plain dish of mashed potatoes, maize, and peas or greens.

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