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the night sky is filled with stars, and there are two trees in front of them
Volunteer Kalahari
May your festive season shine as bright as the Kalahari skies! Merry Christmas everyone!! Amazing photo taken by recent guest Dr Lynne Tudhope
an owl sitting on top of a tree branch in the forest at night with bright yellow eyes
Volunteer with Owls
Is it Christmas yet?!..
a lion laying in the sand with its head on it's back and eyes open
Volunteer with Lions
Waiting for Christmas like...
an antelope is standing in the tall grass near a tree and some bushes
Volunteer with Animals
A beautiful Red Hartebeest in the Kalahari. Have you seen one in the wild yet?
two giraffes standing next to each other near trees
Volunteer with Giraffes
No, you aren’t drunk. There are two of them!
a large flock of birds flying in the sky
Conservation in Africa
Birds often serve as important environmental indicators. Population numbers and the sheer variety of bird species offer a good indication of habitat quality, and unexpected changes in birdlife can serve as an early warning sign to larger ecological problems. Photograph of Red-billed quelea
several antelope walking through the tall grass
Travel Exclusively
Accommodating just 4 – 8 guests at any time makes this the perfect getaway for your family and friends! Enjoy exclusive use of the camp and vehicle in one of the most isolated parts of the country.
two antelope fighting in the desert with dust coming from their butts and legs
Volunteer with Oryx
Gemsbok (Oryx) establishing rank in their dominance hierarchy!
a lion walking through the grass in the sun
Kalahari Lion
Some golden light in the Kalahari! http://workingwithwildlife.org/
three wild dogs fighting in the dirt with each other
Meerkats Fighting
Did you know that over 19% of Meerkats are murdered by other members of the species making them the most murderous mammal in the world? http://workingwithwildlife.org/
a tent with stairs leading up to it
These beds can do with some more bums!
a meerkat standing in the middle of a field
Volunteer with Meerkats
Volunteer and learn more about Meerkats in South Africa's Kalahari Desert. Experience South Africa's largest private Big-5 reserve on this once in a lifetime conservation experience.