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Zodiac Pisces Facts.Want to see more? Get familiar with your zodiac sign here.

Definitely - another Pisces quote that could have been written just for me

Zodiac Pisces Facts | TheZodiacCity

Zodiac Pisces Facts TheZodiacCity - TheZodiacCity - Get Familiar .

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When a Pisces is silent it's usually because they are falling apart inside and don't know how to express themselves.

hahaha you know it!!!

Fun fact, I actually choose to not get too drunk so I can star observant

Think it through, is it right...can it be done...does it need to be done....then yes it gets done true. My entire lifetime, I have yet to meet a single man that has made & kept a promise.

Fun facts about your sign here

Fun facts about your sign here,,,well I am a taurus and its only if I feel de`ceived.