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two pieces of cloth are laying on the floor next to each other, one has a patchwork design
DIY: Therapeutic Neck Pillows
Flax Seed & Lavender Neck Pillows... She also says they can be made in different shapes for different uses: hand warmers and such.
an infant's headband with owls on it sitting on top of a bed
DIY Neck Wrap | Simply {Darr}ling
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DIY Heated Neck Wrap with Buckwheat & Lavender
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DIY Heated Neck Wrap with Buckwheat & Lavender
how to make a neck wrap with the sewing pattern on it and instructions for making
DIY Heated Neck Wrap with Buckwheat & Lavender
You will love the soothing warmth and aroma of this microwavable buckwheat and lavender filled neck wrap. These neck wraps are a great DIY project. Sew several to keep and gift. A great DIY gift.
instructions for how to make a buckwheat neck wrap from an old sweater
DIY Heated Neck Wrap with Buckwheat & Lavender
You could easily sew up a bunch of these Buckwheat & Lavender Neck Wraps in a day. These microwaveable neck wraps soothe away tension in your neck and shoulders and make appreciated DIY Gifts. Step-by-step instruction for this useful DIY project.
Sewing tricks - The best tips
Picture Fall Sewing Crafts, Quilt Sewing, Fall Sewing Projects, Fabric Pumpkins
40+ FREE Plaid Sewing Patterns & Projects | So Sew Easy
several pieces of cloth are placed next to a green vase
pumpkin coasters quilted homespun
Doesn't everyone need a cute raggedy homespun plaid pumpkin coaster to sit that steamy mug of apple cider on? These little cuties can be whipped up in just an hour or so and will add a...
a woman's skirt with flowers on it is displayed in front of a door
denim fabric skirts | Denim skirts