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It's+that+time+of+year+where+new+clothes+are+purchased+and+organized+ supplies+are+awaiting+the+big+event;+the+first+day+of+school.Whether+you+or+not+you+are+sad+to+see+the+summer+come+to+a+close,+a+new+school+year+is+upon+us+all.It's+a+...

Join the 30 Days of Prayer for the New School Year community as they commit to dedicate the new school year to the Lord, & grab the FREE prayer guide!

25 Growth Mindset Statements and Affirmations – Big Life Journal

Discover how to help your children (or students) develop a GROWTH MINDSET? Grab this printable list of 25 statements + worksheets to introduce your children to key

Habits of Minds: Persistence—Activities for the Cold Winter | The Educator's RoomThe Educator's Room | Empowering Teachers as the Experts.

Habits of Minds: Persistence. This applies to everyone! Too many of my gifted kids fold as soon as they think they won't get something exactly right.

50 acts of kindness for the classroom! These 50 ideas are meant specifically for students to use at school.

Encourage your students to be kind to each other and to create a positive school environment with this list of 50 random acts of kindness for the classroom. Good for elementary, middle, or secondary students! // List by Ashley Brennan Academics